About Me


I am 34 years old!  I’m the oldest of four children.  My parents are still happily married to each other and have every intention of staying that way.  :-p  I come from a very large and somewhat close extended family. I am fairly strange, and while I may seem a bit random to the average person, I’m usually not.  I know exactly how I got to a certain conclusion, result, or thought, it’s just almost impossible to explain it to “normal” people!  I love learning new things and believe that one should never stop learning.


Some Random Facts
  • I am completely deaf in my right ear.  There’s no interesting story, I was just born that way.
  • love reading and I love books!  I think that even if I was never able to read another book, as long as I was able to own as many as I want, I would be happy.
  • I love music of all types.  I will listen to almost anything provided that it doesn’t horribly offend me somehow.  (And it takes a lot to horribly offend me.)
  • Unfortunately, I don’t speak French, but it is a language that I will learn and I love the way the words look.  Also, my dad’s side of the family is Cajun.  😀